Former GLBA Champions
Kansas City 96-97
| Phoenix 97-98 | R.N. 98-99 | Tatooine 99-00McDonald 00-01
Bean Town 01-02  | Rhode Island 02-03 | Niantic 03-04 |
Raleigh 04-05 | Cleveland 05-06
R.N. 06-07 |
Rhode Island 07-08 | RN 08-09 | Tokyo 09-10 | Tokyo 10-11

GLBA 11-12

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Updated June 11,  2012

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Playoff Minutes  
Tokyo Playoff Team Stats RN Playoff Team Stats Binghamton Playoff Team Stats Macomb Playoff Team Stats
Chaplin Playoff Team Stats East St. Louis Playoff Team Stats Shoreline Playoff Team Stats Eastern Playoff Team Stats
Niantic Playoff Team Stats Mansfield Playoff Team Stats    
Gray Conference Wild Card      
Chaplin vs Eastern Gray Conference Semi Finals    
Chaplin wins series 4-2  Mansfield vs Binghamton    
  Binghamton wins series 4-1 Gray Conference Finals  
    Binghamton vs. Tokyo  
  Chaplin vs Tokyo Tokyo wins series 4-0  
  Tokyo wins series 4-0    
      GLBA Finals
      Tokyo vs. RN
      RN wins series 4-1
  Blue Conference Finals  
  Macomb vs. RN  
    RN leads series 4-2  
  Blue Conference Semi Finals    
  East St. Louis vs Macomb    
  Macomb wins series 4-2    
  Shoreline vs RN    
  RN wins series 4-0    
Blue Conference Wild Card      
Niantic vs Shoreline      
Shoreline wins series 4-3      
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