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GLBA Home Page 16-17


Updated February 16, 2017


All numbers are "the real stats" players have posted in the previous NBA season.

GP - Games Played
GS - Games Started
MIN - Minutes Played

Field Goals / Three Pointers / Free Throws
MD - Made
AT - Attempted
PCT - Percentage

Points - Total number of points scored
AVG - Season average of points scored in a game.

OFF - Offensive Rebounds
DEF - Defensive Rebounds
TOT - Total Rebounds

AST - Assists
PF - Personal Fouls
STL - Steals
TO - Turnovers
BLK - Blocked Shots

PG - Point Guard
SG - Shooting Guard
SF - Small Forward
PF - Power Forward
C - Center
Height/Weight - Height and Weight of player

Create Shots - Most players are rated "0" which means they are normal. However certain players are rated "1", "2", "3". The higher the rating this player receives the greater his ability to create extra shots. This rating is highly influenced by the players field goal attempts per 48 minutes. You should try to keep at least one player with a "Create Shots" of "1" or higher on the court at all times. If all players are rated a "0" in this category then your offense will have a tendency to bog down and you'll experience a higher ratio of 24 second violations.

Tendency - The number of stars a player receives indicates his propensity to penetrate when positioned outside. Additionally, some players are given an "I" rating with means they are rated to be positioned inside on offense. The meaning of the stars follows:
0 - This player is not allowed to be positioned outside on offense.
1 - This player is strictly an outside shooter.
2 - This player prefers to shoot from outside but penetrates on occasion.
3 - This player is equally adept at penetrating or shooting from the outside.
4 - This player prefers to penetrate but will also shoot from the outside on occasion.
5 - This player will always try to penetrate. This is a very rare rating because almost no NBA players will penetrate on every occasion.

Intimidate - For defensive purposes, this rates a player's ability to allow opponents to get high percentage shots. A rating of 20 is the highest rating obtainable.

Press - Defensively, this rates a players ability to defend the double team. (not used in the GLBA)

Man to Man (6 is the highest rating obtainable)
Out - Defensive rating for outside shooters
PEN - Defensive rating against players who tend to penetrate to the basket
IN - Defensive rating against "post up" players
FB - Defensive rating against players who are playing in a fastbreak offense

REBRATE - Rebound Rate
OFF/DEF - The higher the number the better this player's rebound ability is. These rebound ratings are based on the player's rebounds per 48 minutes and are adjusted based on the "available rebounds" which removes any bias based on the team he played with. For example, a team that plays at a fast pace will generate more shots and therefore more rebounds will be available to the players on this team. Strato's rebounding system removes these teams based biases.

National Conference American Conference
Binghamton Triplets Framingham Militia East St. Louis Convicts RN United
Chaplin Chipmunks North Franklin Vikings Hades Nuthbuthell Second City Saints
Columbia Cartel Raleigh Hurricanes Macomb Bombers Windy City Wise Guys
Kingston Frontenacs Tokyo Godzillas Rhode Island Lemonheads Wisco Thunder





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